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Terra©-ized leather represents the quality standard that Terra has set for all of their leather suppliers.  Each and every lot of leather received undergoes several visual inspections prior to being sent into production.  In order to be classed as Terra©-ized leather, swatches for each lot must exceed 30,000 Maeser flexes without any material breakdown or water penetration.  In short, you can enjoy supreme comfort and durability from premium materials and world class construction.

Men or women taking more than 12,000 steps per day are classified as highly active and this is very typical for anyone at work who is not deskbound (6,000 steps per day is a basic fitness target!).  Often safety footwear does not fit well so it is easy to understand how unsupported and unstable foot movement inside a shoe can lead to friction, rubbing, and a multitude of problems such as blisters, bunions, and underfoot pain. When your feet hurt - your body fatigues quickly.  Superfeet's firm, contoured shape provides support, balance and comfort that ‘squidgy’ insoles cannot achieve.



Wearing soft insoles is like running in the soft, dry sand at the beach. Initially it feels good, but you quickly grow tired, waste energy, and begin to feel the stress on your knees and back.  The use of Superfeet insoles is like running on firmer, wet sand.  It's still comfortable, but your feet feel more balanced and stable, and it's certainly more productive and enjoyable from a performance point of view.  When properly aligned, your feet hold up and balance your body's weight, taking stress off joints and muscles to help prevent future discomfort.

FirmaFlex stands for metal free composite technology offering security workplace enhancements or wherever lightness is required.  Terra footwear always uses premium material (rather than inferior heavy/bulk rubber fillers and similar) and FirmaFlex takes this to the ultimate.  With the same level of protection as a Steel or Aluminium toecap, the FirmaFlex composite toecap is as robust yet is 25% lighter than a steel equivalent being around 22 grams (approx 1 ounce) per foot.  That may not sound like much but with 10,000+ steps, that’s over 600 pounds less to move around every working day!  An additional benefit with FirmaFlex is the very low thermal conductance, unlike Steel or Aluminium, which means that heat and cold stop outside.  Composite midsole protection and metal free eyelets compliment the final lightweight design specification.

Virbram© is well recognised for performance rubber outsoles especially in sport and recreational pursuits and now Terra bring this technology to the workplace, arguably a more necessary requirement, for active men and women.  Vibram has over 70 years of experience in developing a variety of compounds suitable for a multitude of extreme environments. For more information, see http://www.vibram.com/index.php/us/INDUSTRIAL/Work-and-Safety/Main

Gore-Tex© waterproof membranes perhaps need no introduction, being the preferred standard for all outdoor applications where extreme weather resistance is required.  With billions of microscopic pores, these membranes allow perspiration from your feet to escape, while blocking the entrance of water from the outside.  This world class material has been introduced to selected world class Terra styles.  For more information, see: http://www.gore-tex.co.uk/remote/Satellite?c=fabrics_cont_land_c&childpagename=goretex_en_GB%2Ffabrics_cont_land_c%2FFabricTechnologiesLandingSEO&cid=1179537201106&p=1179537201102&pagename=SessionWrapper

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