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Terra for Ladies

The arduous workplace makes no distinction between women and men, and for this reason the safety specifications of women's safety shoes have to be equal to that of men's shoes. Women are very different to men though, and thus the design and make-up of women's work boots needs to be very different in order to achieve maximum comfort. Terra has carried out extensive research on safety shoes for women which indicates that a woman's foot has an entirely unique anatomy, requiring focus on the cradling of the heel and comfort for the more delicate metatarsal area. Lightness and flexibility are central to the requirements of women's safety shoes and boots in order to avoid clumpy unattractive impracticality.

In recognising the differences between work boots for men and a woman's work boot, Terra's safety shoes for women are not just scaled-down versions of men's safety boots with a bit of pink added, but rather an appropriately designed woman's safety shoe with essential design and technical specifications.  

Along with fashionable presentation, the designs of Terra's exclusive range of women's work boots offers satisfying comfort coupled with double certification to both the stringent Canadian CSA and full European CE standards, to give EN345 conformity to women's safety shoes and work boots in the workplace and beyond.